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The Journey

I embarked on my journey in health and fitness back in 2001, commencing with the successful completion of a Premier Training and Development Diploma in Personal Training and Sports Therapy at the esteemed Windsor venue. Building upon this foundation, I further honed my skills by completing the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Certified Personal Trainer course in 2003.

Over the years, I have cultivated a wealth of experience working with premier health and fitness clubs across the country. Catering to clients from diverse backgrounds and with varying fitness goals, I have developed a nuanced understanding of individual training needs.

My dedication to continuous improvement is evident through my pursuit of advanced certifications. Notably, I am recognized as a Faster Trainer Expert with Faster Function and have augmented my expertise with a Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management from Future Fit. Currently, I am diligently working towards a Cognitive Behavior Therapy diploma, underscoring my commitment to enhancing my clients' ability to progress and sustain their fitness journey effectively.

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My passion for health and fitness has been a driving force throughout my life, and I am fervently committed to promoting well-being for all. An avid enthusiast of triathlon and Ironman full-distance events, I have recently participated in a series of notable competitions, including the Dorney Sprints, Windsor Triathlon Olympic Distance, Castle Triathlon at Hever Castle, and the Brighton Marathon.

I set an ambitious pre-lockdown goal to complete 10 Ironman races, and I have made significant strides towards this achievement, with five Ironman events already under my belt:

Ironman UK
Ironman Wales
Ironman Nice, France
Ironman Maastricht
Ironman Vichy, France

"His dedication to pushing his physical boundaries exemplifies his unwavering commitment to personal fitness excellence."