Personal Training

is one to one health and fitness training, that will make sure you are working to the correct intensity level and with an appropriate work out program, suited to your own personal goals. As well as the physical aspect of training you can have some fitness mindset work too, Working on Mindset is used to set Goals, Break Habits, Strengthen Willpower and help you realise what's holding you back and break down your limiting beliefs.

  • You will have a Health and lifestyle consultation to begin with, specific measurements and fitness testing, if appropriate, all based on your goals.   These will be used as your benchmarks for future improvements. Nutritional advice can be given, or a referral to a dietician if required.
  • Training sessions are 30 or 60 minutes, In that time you will be trained to get ultimate results.


Training at our studio in Whitstable, or outdoors. Exercise equipment used may consist of TRX Suspension, TRX RIP bar, resistance bands, free weights, body bars, bench, mats, boxing pads and of course your bodyweight.

Regular contact is kept up through each week to keep you on track too.

Personal Training



10 x 60 min Pt sessions = £410

5 x 60 min Pt sessions = £250

4 x 30 min sessions = £112



If you keep focusing on what you don't want, you'll just get more of it!!! You have the power to change, Health , Fitness , Body! It just needs you to take the first step.